What is the best way to learn Golang? ??

Go is an open source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software.

So, what is the best way to learn Golang?

Start with simple things.

Some programmer learns to Go for fun, some for a job, some for improving the performance of the programming project.

How should I start learning Golang?

As a developer who has already worked, I find the best way to understand a new programming language is to jump straight into an example.

There is only one secret for me to study Golang, and that is to practice constantly.

Learning from official documents is recommended for beginners, and it helps beginners who don’t have any important programming language concepts yet.

How much time does it take to learn?

Topic: Golang basics, Data type, control structures, functions.

Time: 1 Week.

Learning experience:

Learning Go basics is a piece of cake, it is extremely simple to get up and Its official documents are quite friendly to beginners.

Using your web browser, navigate to the official documents website A Tour of Go.

Here are simple exercises that can help you quickly master some of the necessary basic concepts of Go programming.

Go Basics

Topic: Golang Web.

Time: 2 Weeks.

Learning Experience:

When you learn this section, it starts to be a little tough. You will come into contact with many new Web concepts that are not unique to Go.

For example, the request context in the web, the status code that represents all kinds of meanings, the load template page, and so on.

Don’t be intimidated by these difficulties. All you only to do is run the simplest program and then refine it step by step.

Golang simple web example

Topic: Go Web Framework.

Time: 2 Weeks.

Learning experience:

In this section, you need to choose some of the Go web frameworks. For example, there are Go web frameworks such as Echo, Gin, Beego, Iris and So on.

In general, Go’s net/Http library is good enough. In many web frameworks, I finally chose Gin. Sometimes a framework provides you with a lot of tools that are ready, which is import for rapid development.

Go web framework Gin

In addition, you also need to master some basic knowledge, such as how to connect to the database, common databases are MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle and so on.

In the process, you may encounter some database-driven errors, don’t worry, go to Github or StackOverflow to find the answer you want.

Topic: Go Microservices.

Time: 3 Weeks.

Go Microservices will involve a lot of conceptual knowledge, and it is widely used in large IT enterprises. If you plan to apply Go to your work, you must not miss the microservice.

In learning about the process of microservices, you need to use Google to learn about the following concepts such as Service discovery, Load balancing, Service registration, and so on.

Go Micro is a framework for microservice development. When I first started learning microservices, I used it to develop some simple programs.

What is the best way to learn Golang?

Final conclusion:

Go is an interesting programming language. If you have other languages fundamentals, then you can get started quickly.

For beginners, read the official Go document carefully, which can help you walk a lot less.

Although my experience seems easy, it has encountered a lot of difficulties, but as long as you insist, using Google, more can help you solve these difficulties.

Here are a few my tips about the best way to learn Golang:

  1. Be patient, beginners encounter a lot of difficulties and Bug is normal.
  2. Start with a simple program, and complex programming projects are also made up of simple programs.
  3. Using Google can help you solve the Bug you want to solve.
  4. Reading some classic code on Github can help you improve the project quality of your code.
  5. Be confident, there are no difficulties that cannot be solved.

Happy learning! ???


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