Learn Linux Command Find in Minutes

Linux command find is sample to use.

The find command in Linux/UNIX is a basic command. It can be used to find some what you want to find in your linux.

Generally speaking, it is used to find files and directories and often used in conjunction with grep, awk, xargs, etc.

Linux command find

Here’s a video which is Linux command find tutorial for you.

find {path} {-name} {your want to find name}

find . -name testfile.txtFind a file called testfile.txt in current and sub-directories.
find /home -name *.jpg`Find all `.jpg` files in the `/home` and sub-directories.
find . -type f -emptyFind an empty file within the current directory.
`find /home -user exampleuser -mtime 7 -iname ".db"`Find all `.db` files (ignoring text case) modified in the last 7 days by a user named exampleuser.

Just like the command below:

find ./ -name "files*"

// find the all name files only show directory object
find ./ -name "files*" -type d

// find the all name files only show file object
find ./ -name "files*" -type f


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