Best Way to Learn Python

Learning Python from small projects is the fastest way to learn Python. Generally speaking, for a beginner who has just learned a programming language, learning while practicing is the best way to learn.

So, this tutorial will do a Python learning series to help you to learn Python efficiently.

Trust me, and trust yourself.

Best way to learn Python

Before you start learning Python, recommend some books and forums that are useful for learning Python, which will reduce the detours you take.

#1 Python basic syntax

Here are some of the basic syntax of Python, which is easy. Don’t worry, it’s the foundation.

  • 1.1 Numbers in Python
  • 1.2 Strings in Python
  • 1.3 Collection in Python
  • 1.4 Mathematical Operations in Python
  • 1.5 Python Boolean Operations
  • 1.6 Python Conditional Expression
  • 1.7 Python Loop

#2 Advanced Python tutorial

If you’ve finished the Python foundation, congratulations

This section is an advanced tutorial on Python. I’ll keep it short, clear, and point to the point.

  • 2.1 Python built-in functions
  • 2.2 Python String Operations
  • 2.3 Python function syntax
  • 2.4 Python file handling tutorial
  • 2.5 Python parse datetime

#3 Python AI tutorial

If you have learned the first two parts, good, here will start some simple Python AI tutorials, including video and source code.

  • 3.1 Python GUI projects
  • 3.2 Python chat robots
  • 3.3 Simple AI Python projects

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